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Gearing & Coupling

MGTs Gears and Couplings provide a distinct advantage over traditional drive systems. They do not incur any friction as there is no physical connection between the two gears or coupling disks.

The benefits of this frictionless system are numerous, and provide industries with advantages that they cannot get with traditional drives.

The friction generated from all known drive systems results in a buildup of heat within the machine. This heat causes damage not only to the drive, but to the machine as well.  The only way to prevent this buildup of friction is constant lubrication and maintenance of the machine.  This is costly and time consuming.

Magnetic Gearing proved to be 22% more efficent than a V Belt in tests conducted at Sydney University and also an independant test done in South Africa.  Why is it more efficient ?  Because there is no friction generated and there is no sideways stress on the bearings of the shafts, we are not pulling them sideways as we drive, as we do with a tightened belt.

MGT - Frictionless Drive System utilises the repulsive forces of magnets to transmit power from one shaft to another.  As a result of this non contact power transmission Magnetic Gears & Couplings last substantially longer than traditional drive systems and require almost no maintenance at all.

Finally, there is no lost power from the lack of a direct connection – magnetic gears are proven to be as close as you can get to 100%.  And in some cases they can be more efficient than a direct drive, because a direct drive has a 1-1 ratio and at MGT we can build a frictionless reduction which now allows us to use a faster smaller motor which uses less watts of power, to pump the same amount of water in the same time by running the pump at the same speed. 

MGT - Magnetic Gears & Couplings work mis-alligned.
There is no mechanical connection and this allows the power to be transmitted through the air to shafts that are not alligned.

90% right angle drives are possible and have been built here in Australia on a slasher.

Noise Reduction

As a result of the lack of a physical connection between the two gears or coupling, machinery that uses the MGT Frictionless Drive System runs noticeably quieter than other known drives.

Inbuilt Safety
For Human Life & Limbs - when a belt is tightened it will not slip.  If a person is caught in a machine that is belt driven it normally results in the loss of a limb and sometimes life. 

For Human Life & Limbs - when a belt is tightened it will not slip.  If a person is caught in a machine that is belt driven it normally results in the loss of a limb and sometimes life. 

In Australia, Grain Augers are a big problem if you get your foot caught in one it normally takes off the leg with the auger screw very quickly.  MGT - Magnetic Gears and Couplings have a pre determined slip point that will not allow this to happen.  

By knowing the load, Industrial designers can now build in a slip point a little greater than the maximum load.  So for example, in this auger  there is normally around 50 kilos of grain, what we do is design a drive that slips at 65 kilos.  So if someone's foot does get caught in the screw it will shear and slip at the gears or coupling at a 65 kilo load. this means that the person would now only get 5-10 stitches instead of losing the limb.

MGT Gearing & Couplings will save human life and limbs
For Machinery - When a machine is overloaded it always damages or put unnecesssary stress on all parts.  If a slasher hits a hard object like a rock or log it sends a shock backwards through the whole system, shaking the whole tractor and it is felt right through the steering wheel and into the drivers hands - it transmits all the forces.  A slip clutch is designed to stop this, however in real life they seize if not maintained and if they slip too much they are tightened by the farmer who needs to get the job done.  If wire is caught around the blade of a slasher an MGT coupling will slip letting the driver know there is a problem, he then untwists it and resumes operation. if he hits heavy growth and it slips, he lifts the slasher up with the 3 point linkage, drops the revs down and the coupling picks up, he then increases the PTO speed and resumes operation.  It lets him control the problem.

MGT Gearing & Couplings will prevent overload and let you know as soon as there is a problem or an obstacle in your drive train or machinery. 

Drive Through Housings or Containers
MGT Couplings can transmit power and drive through any non conductive material.
Now there is no need for a hole in the cointainer for the shaft to go through with a seal that always needs replacing.
You just have a magnetic coupling disks mounted to one shaft on the outside of the container and another magnetic coupling disk mounted to a shaft on the inside of the container. For example an agitator in a food processing plant, the power will transmit through stainless steel and stir the mixture.  Or the propeller on the back of a boat with no hole in the hull.
Perfect for dangerous chemicals and other volotile mixtures that need agitating but can not be mixed.  Excellent for Radio Active areas in Nuclear Power Plants and any other hostile environment including underwater.

Shorter Down Time

MGT - Magnetic Gears & Coupling's mean less down time because they are easier to install.  A burnt out motor can be unbolted and a new one put straight in.  No shafts to attach to each other, no feeler gauges required for allignment, no tension to loosen then re-tighten again, no belt to get into place and no other parts to take off, it is as simple as pulling it out and putting it back in.  Allignment can easily be done by eye in a gearing situation and with a coupling they are just brought closer together.

Improved Hygiene

As belt-driven systems age, the physical belt itself begins to deteriorate. In sterile environments, such as food and beverage production lines, the debris that results from the slow decay of the rubber belts on the pulleys is a genuine health hazard. The belts must be isolated from the food production process itself or risk contaminants getting into the production;  this isolation process is costly, time consuming and requires constant maintenance to ensure that the production line is within acceptable hygiene limits.

Magnetic gearing negates the need for belts of any kind, and as the gears themselves do not wear or decay, they are perfect for use in environments that must remain free from contaminants.


The applications are endless.
New Machinery and applications that we can not imagine today will come into life with this technology in the next 20 years.
It will open new horizions in areas where man has not been before, underwater and in space. Can you imagine the International Space Station needing a new V Belt sent from Earth on the space shutle?
This technology is on the right time line.

The applications are up to our imagination.

Will Work In Any Environment
The MGT products will work in any environment - They will work in Sub Zero Temperatures and they will work Under Water

Case Study: The Rover Mower

To prove the effectiveness of Frictionless Drive Technology, it was integrated into a ride-on mower. The mower was a Rover Rancher, which had a 13hp petrol motor. The engine was replaced with two 500w / 24V  DC permanent magnet motors. The two motors, one for the drive and one for the cutting deck where powered by batteries and lasted between two and three hours, depending on the load (length of the grass). 

The cutting deck was connected to the motor via a magnetic face-on coupling, which transmitted power on a 1:1 ratio.  As a result of these changes, the mower not only ran substantially quieter, but also had much lower running costs now running on charged up batteries - not unleaded petrol, making it more environmentally friendly.  Moreover, the mower was the perfect example of the magnetic gears’ slip-drive mechanism:  whenever the cutting blades encountered a sufficiently large obstruction such as a rock or tree root, the coupling immediately slips, preventing the engine from overloading and the blades from breaking .