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Licensing & Representation

 MGT Dealers and Distributors


If you supply Power Transmission Products - Become a supplier of MGT Products to your local industry

Contact us to discuss the opportunities in your area.

The technology developed by MGT Corp has potential applications in a vast range of applications in industries ranging from automotive and industrial production to hospitality and food service. The technology can be adapted into existing machinery, a process which MGT Corp will assist you with.


Commercial Licenses

MGT may enter into a commercial license to use the technology with a company that has a useful application.

 Joint venture proposals are also welcome, and can be developed in countries and certain industries that are felt to have merit.

If you think your machinery can benefit from the magnetic gearing or coupling's, please contact MGT Corp to discuss your ideas or proposals.  MGT Corp believes the technology is suited to a vast number of applications and can provide full support and backup in the technologies application and implementation into your machinery. A solution can be developed to suit your needs.

To enable you to see and test out the technology before entering into a Commercial License we have established an Evaluation Agreement and an R&D License.  Please see our Research & development page on this site to find out about our Evaluation Agreements and our R&D Licenses.

MGT Corp is also looking for agents to stock, supply, install and service our growing range of solar water pumps and other technology across Australia.  If your business is established in agricultural irrigation, industrial or mechanical power transmission, we would like to hear from you to discuss a commercial distribution agreement.