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OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) - Using The Technology in your applications.

Alot of enquiries have been received regarding using the Magnetic Gearing & Coupling in existing machinery instead of belts and pulleys, couplings and other transmission methods. 

The MGT Magnetic Gears and Couplings have been designed to allow for easy implementation into a number of different machines.  As such, companies who may have a useful application for the technology are encouraged to contact MGT Corp with their ideas.


An R&D License has been designed to allow companies to develop the technology into their own applications / machinery.


An R&D Agreement can be entered into, allowing you to actively conduct R&D using the technology in your own application with the full support from MGT.

An R&D License can be granted exclusively to a particular application or market in a defined territory for a fixed period of time.

This gives the license holder the exclusive rights to conduct R&D on their particular application.

The initial cost of an R&D license is between AUD $2,000 - $10,000 depending on the industry and market size, this covers the cost of establishing the license as well as MGT assisting and supplying the development of custom magnets if necessary to the licensee's specifications. The license has a monthly fee to keep things moving forward fast, this fee is negotable and is normally worked out by the business, the size of the market you will be selling to and the extent of the exclusivity that you are seeking.

The license includes the inital magnets required ( 10 disks or 50 custom magnets ), phone support, technical support via email, access to secure web site, free assistance at our premises and on site assistance charged out at expenses.