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MGT has developed a range of injection moulded gears and couplings which are now for sale to all industries.
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The inserts - come in metric and imperial sizes to fit all shafts. We also have a non bored insert for keyways. 

All inserts fit all gears and couplings - They are all Universal. They push into the gears and are fixed to it with 4 screws. The inserts then attach to the shafts with grub screws or we have inserts that are not bored out at all, these inserts can be used if you have an unusual shaft size or you wish to use keyways on your shafts.



The MGT Frictionless Drive System uses the repulsive forces of magnets to provide a link between a drive shaft and the driven one, whilst allowing both shafts to rotate completely independently of each other. The fact that the gears are no longer required to be physically touching in order to exert influence on one another means that there is no friction generated between them.

This improves both the efficiency and the life of the equipment, as well as providing extra safety for those using it.

At the core of each of the MGT gears are a series of rare-earth, or ‘neodymium’ magnets that line the circumference of each gear. These magnets are more powerful than their standard equivalent and are significantly more heat-resistant. The magnetic gears can be banked up, to transmit more power just as you can have 3 or 4 belts on the one shaft.

The Magnetic gears run inside each other without touching - 2mm air gap

There are no limits on the size of the magnets; a series of 6 x 50mm cube magnets on each disk has been in operation driving a bore pump on a cotton farm. It has a 6 inch diameter outflow pipe and is driven with a 100hp John Deere Diesel Motor, pumping an amazing one million litres every four hours up a height of 60 metres.

As a coupling the air gap can be varied and mis-allignment is not a problem.

This technology is suited to a huge range of applications and has been proven in a number of different fields.  It has been used as a drive system for pumping fluid (see our solar water pump range), as an agricultural coupling or slip clutch used between a power source and a farming implement.  The magnetic gears and face-on couplings have almost limitless applications in a wide variety of industries, including agricultural, marine, mining and factory automation to say a few.  The technology also has potential as a system of magnetic gears for use in the automotive industry.

MGT’s magnetic gearing technology is unique and is fast becoming well known as a method to take drive technology into the 21st century.  It can be used to drive anything that rotates.

Custom magnets can be made for all appliacations