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Solar Pumps

MGT’s range of solar water pumps are perfect for water transfer in almost any field that requires fast, effective delivery of pressurised water. The pumps have been proven in a number of industries, including domestic water supply, agriculture and marine.

All of our water pumps incorporate Frictionless Drive Technology, which gives the pumps a distinct advantage over the competition in terms of power consumption, ease of use, efficiency and pumping capacity.  For more information on our magnetic gearing technology, see “Technology” in this section.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our range of pumps, or would like to have one custom designed to fit your needs, please contact us using any of the means provided on the Contact page.


The MGT-15 is the smallest model water pump that we produce. However, don’t let its size fool you, the MGT-15 is capable of providing up to 15,000L per day.

The unit can run on either solar power or from a 12V battery or even from a vehicle’s electrical system. Powered by a 100watt 12volt DC Motor. This, combined with the unit’s size, makes it very portable and easy to use when out on the road. The MGT-15 provides enough water to supply a small household domestic supply, easily integrating with the existing hot water system and with enough pressure for showering. Alternatively, it can be used in the marine industry, providing pressurised water to cruisers for personal use or even deck washdown.

This is the MGT-15’s bigger brother. Like the MGT-15, it can run on solar power, or alternatively from a 24v battery.  It provides up to 30,000L per day and is just as portable as the MGT-15.

The MGT-30’s size and pumping capacity makes it ideal for agricultural use, for small irrigation or for stock watering for example.  Most farmers pump uphill during the day with no batteries in the system. the water goes into a tank and then runs down hill with gravity to all the water troughs providing 24 hour water. the pump turns off by itself when the sun goes down and starts up again when the sun rises.

Other uses include use in marine environments, or in Fire Fighting, either set up as a mobile fire-fighting unit, or as a sprinkler system on a house, emergency pump outs, aquaculture, mobile homes etc 

Magnetic Gears driving 2 water pumps from one 500 watt DC motor in the middle - 60 litre a minute - 30 metre head

The pump below is a Mono Pump which was driven with a VBelt. After converting the drive to MGT Magnetic Gears the pump needed only 8 instead of 12 solar panels and produced 50KPA more pressure at a cattle trough, 5km's down the pipe line. This pump is in outback Queensland and the MGT Magnetic Gears were installed by the farmer himself - Scott Sargood.

Couple any motor to any pump - anywhere

Solar Pump for domestic water supply with batteries for 24 hour water

Very Portable and can run on Batteries