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Torque Tests - Done by Torque Test BV - The Netherlands. Face On Couplings 10mm Range





Efficiency Testing
Early in 2000, MGT conducted a tests to determine whether magnetic gearing provided any advantages over traditional direct driver. Dr Eugeny Popov (a Russian Doctor of Mechanical Engineering), working at Sydney University conducted the tests outside the Mechanical Engineering Deptment at the University on a solar water pump running on batteries so as to get the same voltage on each test. Magnetic Drive versus V-Belts 

During the test, comparisons between the two machines were drawn based on the following criteria:

  • Pump flow rate - equal
  • Pump and motor speed - equal 
  • Back pressure applied - equal
  • Power consumed - ????

When each of the above variables were consistent across both machines, it was determined that the MGT magnetic gears were using 22.7% less power than a small V-Belt drive.

The belt was not oversize and the test was held on total unbiasist and fair grounds. 

This experiment has been replicated numerous times and the same results have been achieved each time.



South Africa

Independant test were conducted by Allied Production Industries in 2001 at Boksburg, Johanasburg, South Africa. A Mechanical Engineer Rex Anderson was employed by API to conduct the test.

MGT are confident that magnetic gearing technology will prove to be more efficient than any existing drive technology on the market, and welcome others to perform their own testing. If you would like to know more about the results of these efficiency tests, or would like to conduct your own, please contact MGT with your enquiry.