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The Magnetic Gearing and Turbine Corp was founded by inventor Andrew French, and has been in operation since the beginning of 2000, when the company was launched at the Australian National Field Day (ANFD) in Orange. A string of early success allowed the company to grow and prosper and soon the Magnetic Gearing and Turbine Corp was exhibiting its products at trade shows and exhibitions not only across Australia, but around the world.

The reason behind the company’s success can be found in the technology it has developed. A frictionless gearing & coupling system that operated with greater efficiency and required substantially less maintenance than traditional drive systems.  This is a milestone in the evolution of Mechanic's and Power Transmission that has never before been deemed possible. 

 Making MGT Power Transmission - Very - Very ---- GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

MGT uses the repulsive forces of magnets to transmit power from the driver to the driven. eg the motor to the pump or the motor to anything that is being driven with no energy losses.

The technology is impressive, tests have proven a 22% savings in power consumption on solar water pumps against using belts and also a direct drive.  This has earned the technology numerous awards around the world.

Now the technology has been tried and tested and MGT is offering the product in an injection moulded form at competitive prices to other drive systems.

MGT also offers a range of Magnets for sale for all industrial applications, contact us for your magnetic needs and see our sales page on this site for more information.
In Australia or anywhere in the world.