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Andrew French has been inventing since he was 17 and has proven his engineering and creative skills time after time.


Andrew’s career as an inventor started with the ‘Bin Brace’, a device that prevented dogs from getting into rubbish bins. However, it was when he developed the Any Temperature Snowmaking Technology at Thredbo while working in the patchy ski fields of NSW Australia that his career began in earnest. The technology he developed has been commercialised and marketed all around the world as PolarSnow .



He has been working as a professional inventor for over three decades and has numerous inventions to his name.


Andrew French is Australia's highest awarded inventor - He won The Best foreign Invention at The International Exhibition Of Inventions in Geneva - Switzerland in 1995.

He has exhibited and represented Australia at The International Exhibition Of Inventions in Switzerland 4 times with 4 different inventions over a seven year period.  He has won 3 gold medals and 1 Silver Medal at these exhibitions - the olympics for inventions.  He has won 2 gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal at INPEX - The Invention and New Products Expo in the USA.
He was awarded a Gold Medal by UNESCO for the high standard of his inventions and he then assisted UNESCO in running 3 invention shows in Romania in 1995. These shows and competitions were designed to encourage intellectual thinking and to teach people from the ex communist countries how to present, display and promote their ideas.  He was also awarded a Medal Of Excellence by The International Institute Of Innovators after winning a major prize at The BBC's Tomorrow's World Expo in London 2001 with an early prototype of the Magnetic gearing & coupling technology.


He has 2 Aquaculture inventions that feed fish their natural seasonal diet by putting fresh insects into the water.  Both these inventions were displayed at The international Aquaculture Exhibition in Bangkok Thailand 1995. They were tested at The Gaden trout Hatchery In Jindabyne NSW Australia and proved to save 40% of the feed costs.  The trout eating their natural diet also gave them the right enzymes to digest the processed pellets that are feed to them by man much easier.


The Magnetic Gearing & Coupling Technology is the latest of these inventions.
With numerous applications in all industries - MGT is set to revolutionise drive technology.


Andrew in the past has contributed his time to supporting other inventors, running the Australian office of InventNet in Sydney for two years and representing the organisation in America and Holland.  He also provides consultancy when he can to save other inventors time, money and effort and he has a very strong track record in this area.  As with any professional they have there up's and down's and as the great Thomas Edision said, it is persistence 99% that counts and only 1% genius.